NuGraf for large CAD rendering

Okino Computer Graphics has held a close relationship with Rhino starting in 1997 with the addition of trimmed NURBS support to the Okino OBJ file importer, which was followed by IGES, Lightwave and finally bidirectional Rhino/OpenNURBS .3dm file support. Okino's NuGraf was started with the primary focus of being a package able to import the most complex CAD assemblies and render them in the most efficient manner. This focus continues to this day. NuGraf can import from (and export to) native Rhino .3dm files, optimize the datasets (including hierarchy and polygon reduction), and create life-like product renderings in seconds or minutes. Batch conversion, polygon reduction, scripting, real-time ATI/NVIDIA pixel shaders, embedded multi-media file viewer+editor, and many more features are included in the current shipping version of NuGraf and its sibling product PolyTrans. Okino's NuGraf and PolyTrans are also the industry standard for cross conversion of data between all major 3D file formats and application programs. Please refer to the file format page for more details. A number of NuGraf/Rhino customer renderings and case studies can be viewed online here: Customer CAD case studies NuGraf/Rhino customer renderings Additional WEB URLs: Okino Rhino-3D/OpenNURBS exporter Okino Rhino-3D/OpenNURBS importer

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