Faster, better productivity, and more features which include:

·         Ultra fast terrain creation with Constrained Delaunay triangulation (>2 million triangles per second ) with hard and soft breaklines.

·         Ultra fast contour curve generation that works on large terrain meshes

·         Gridded terrain with user x,y step  definition ideal for NURBS surface terrain generation

·         Ultra  fast terrain viewshed analysis for impact study (television, phone antenna, wind turbine position, house point of view)

·         Terrain slope and height analysis

·         Stepped terrain generation from contour lines ideal for architectural presentations

·         Shaded contour lines display

·         Terrain filtering

·         Cut and fill volume computations

·         Import of 3D GIS data (ArcInfo, USGS DEM, IGN Bd Alti)

·         Import of Leica 3D scanner in colored  RGB point cloud

·         Ultra fast mesh terrain tiling with geo-referenced orthophoto support

·         ZCorp 3D printer support for 3D terrain printing

The majority of our functions are designed to use the MultiCore feature (multi-threaded) to increase your productivity.

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Claude Vuattoux , Rhinoterrain
+33 3 29 60 91 55

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Causes Rhino to crash 5/14/2012 by 'jody' from jody
I installed this and it worked almost fine for one day. The next day, it caused my Rhino to crash each time I tried to load the plug-in. Also, although it's a demo, when trying to use it, it prompts you for a code and there is no use as demo type button. I'm still gettign errors trying to use it.
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Good product if you don't want to use grasshopper 11/7/2012 by 'Alex Worden' from Alex Worden
I have used this product a number of times. It was easy to use however, if all you need to do is generate a mesh from contours, use grasshopper instead. There are a number of different and simple ways to do it which you can find at www.grasshopper3d.com If RhinoTerrain enabled a more refined surface than the triangulated mesh it might be more useful. There may be more tools available within the plugin but I have not used them.