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Bring your ideas to life with Dimension 3D Printers by Stratasys! 

Yesterday, you captured your brainstorm in 3D CAD. This morning, it’s a functional 3D model you can hold in your hands, showy our team and test in the field. And, with Dimension’s release of the uPrint Personal 3D Printer, priced at $14,900*, 3D printing has never been more affordable.

Functional 3D models, created on a Dimension 3D printer, can enable the designer and all others on the design team to make better informed decisions, resulting in fewer changes, better product designs, lower production costs and lower product costs. 

Historically, businesses that have relied on RP parts have either used expensive, time consuming service bureaus or have utilized high-end RP systems that require dedicated operators, modified site requirements and a long learning curve. Today companies are turning to low cost 3D printing systems that deliver quality parts, allowing the designer to iterate numerous designs quickly, testing form, fit and function.

The Dimension product line features four 3D printers, the Dimension 1200es BST (Breakaway Support Technology), the Dimension 1200es SST (Soluble Support Technology), the Dimension Elite, and the uPrint. All systems produce high quality, durable ABS plastic parts, and all systems can easily operate in an office environment.
 These networked printers are very easy to install and operate. Utilizing the Dimension Catalyst©EX software, designers can simply click "print" and the software automatically prepared your CAD files for 3D printing, and sends the job to the printer.  

Whatever your profession – designer, engineer, architect, artist or teacher, there’s room on your desk and in your budget for 3D printing.

*Manufacturers' worldwide list price in US dollars Additional options, shipping, applicable taxes/duties not included.

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Kim Killoran, Dimension 3D Printers by Stratasys

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