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Sophie 3D Engine is the best way to publish your 3D content online using Adobe Flash Player. 

Sophie 3D Engine enables you to supply fast renders at a high quality. 
Sophie 3D can antialias render in realtime over 50.000 polygons with texture maps, reflection maps, transparent materials, an infinite number of lights and shadow planes.

It is easy to use and create 3D content. Just export your 3D content from Rhino program by exporting the 3D scene in a wavefront obj format.

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Riccardo Della Martire, Sophie3D
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Amazing! 10/8/2008 by 'Imam Kuncoro' from Imam Kuncoro
I have made a lot experiments in flash 3D, but this is amazing. What have you done with flash player? Calling external tools from AS3? Congratulation...