John Bear Ross Rhino3d Design Service

My name is John Bear Ross, and I've worked as a digital sculptor since 2001, having used Rhino since it was in its 1.1 incarnation.  I specialize in creating digital models in Rhino, both for art purposes and for rapid prototyping.

I am happy to call Reaper Miniatures, Wizkids Games, X-Treme Hobby, along with numerous others, my clients.  Basically, if it flies, floats, fights, and is futuristic, I'll do it right.

My rates are fair, I deliver on time, and I now offer CNC prototyping capabilities, so your designs stay "in-house."

Non-disclosure agreements and work-for-hire contracts happily signed, or a simple handshake agreement will do.

Quoted Fees include 3 major revisions, file archiving, and regular updates via email w/attached JPGs.

Thank you for your time.

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John Bear Ross,
775 727-1655

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BUSCANDO LA BELLEZA Y LA PERFECCION 2/2/2010 by 'diseñador y creador' from diseñador y creador
La idea es si hay posibilidad de diseñar escultura con su programa, y ver sobre la marcha que rendimiento se le puede sacar a su producto si es tal como me imagino creo podria sacarle un producto interesante pretendo utlizarlo tambien en articulos como la joyeria y posible diseños con articulos variados tanto pequeños como grande hablamos siempre de ideas originales. Su programa supongo que sera muy aguil. sin nada mas que comunicarle un afectuso saludo Antonio suarez gracias.