The world's leader in Controlled Vacuum Infusion and RTM. Resin (Fluid) modeling software that takes old fashioned, pre-computer, guess work out of the manufacturing process. Intuitive Windows based FE software that allows the user to easily and quickly solve all types of manufacturing problems rendering solutions in approximately one minute each. Used by everybody from the military to power and sailboat manufactures to automotive to major universities all over the world. In use and proven for over six years. See www.polyworx.com. Cost varies, there are solutions starting as little as $3,900 to the $20,000 range, depending on users situation and needs. Full commercial license including support $14,500. Academic discounts available.

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Useful - in specialized cases 2/5/2011 by 'Applicator company' from Applicator company
Supposed, you are a company obliged to use closed mold or even some special open mold vacuum processes in composites, and even if you are somehow else addicted to one of these techniques, it would be hard to find a better software to simulate the main aspects. Provides construction of 2.5-dimensional surfaces, meshing, and simulation in changeable steps, and a parametizable graphical rendering of these, as well as import from and export to different common file types. Processes can be simulated non-isothermal as well as simply isothermal, multiple fiber and resin materials are a thinkable option. A statement from the software's author guarantees best fitting to mathematical CFD theory, and a certain state of completeness and totality; some formalized theory is provided in papers as a reference for own work. Graphical User Interface and implementation of special simulation elements will be improved, availability of 3D features is on the way, according to the provider. In our company, we use Polyworx software for research on special issues in resin and fiber techniques, with best results. It actually might be too costly for private use, of course. If you find software better than this one - use it; if you are able to code your own likewise software on lesser afford - do it.
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useless 8/19/2004
maybe the most overpriced software ever offered for sale anywhere. if your part has a gelcoat finish - vacuum infusion is probably not for you - if you sand and paint all of your parts and you can afford the extensive downtime it takes to experiment with vacuum infusion - then maybe you might want to try it. your money is better spent upgrading your materials and resins in your parts.