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Mayka is the latest development from Picasoft SA for generating milling toolpaths over 3D-DXF, STL polygon data, point clouds, Picza files, BMP greyscale. Output to all machine tools. Complete zone and feature selection areas allow machning of all zones. Windows compatible.

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Nicolas, Picasoft SA
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Really fast machining 6/8/2007 by 'a. roberts' from a. roberts
We purchased the Roland MDX540 and the included software was easy to use, however, we sent a part over to Roland UK and asked how to make the machining times faster. They gave some tips which shaved off a few minutes of our 50min cycle time. They also showed us Mayka Pro, which amazingly at the same speeds we used, cut our part in 15 minutes, so we now use Mayka. Its ability to use Rhino files as well make life easier. Thank you Picasoft and McNeel for good products.
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SRP software for Roland 2/22/2005
I used this with my roland MDX 650 and it is much quicker than Modela Player 4. I recommend this
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New Mayka v7 12/7/2005
I have just started using the new release of Mayka Expert v 7. The new residual machining facilities and the STL model manipulation for cleaning and spliting the models is fantastic. My machine cycle times have reduced by some 30%, which is very important to us with a big 5 axis machine. Plus the included 'Print 3D direct to Mayka' plug-in makes our link from Rhino a breeze. Although we need the Expert version, have just released a new lightweight version for all the small companies to get started.
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Mayka Model 7 5/10/2006
We use Mayka Model very successfully in our modelmaking business. It´s easy to generate a clean toolpath even when the quality of the model is not perfect and has small gaps or incionsistencies in it. Mayka works with Solid AND surface Models so you don´t need a watertight Model to work with. We especially like the clean, nearly spartanic user interface. After a few days or yet after hours workflow is very fluid. Very good software, developper is delivering free updates frequently. We recommend it!!!
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MAYKA Lite 6 6/11/2005
Uso questo programma per la realizzazione di prototipi con la tecnica del ribaltamento e mi ha dato risultati eccellenti. Valido per la semplicità e la potenza nella strategia di taglio. Lo uso su un centro di lavoro FAMUP con controllo Siemens e con un piccola 3 assi Made in Italy con PCNC.