PowerMILL is a powerful 2,3,4 and 5 axis CAM program that creates roughing and finishing toolpaths to optimise the productivity of CNC machine tools while, at the same time, ensuring the highest quality machining of models and tooling. PowerMILL machining strategies reduce time and cost by Maximising cutting efficiency Reducing hand finishing Producing gouge free parts PowerMILL offers high speed calculation, powerful integrated visualisation and verification facilities which allow the user to compare alternative strategies, with any combination of cutting tools and check all toolpaths before they are sent to the machine. As a result, machine idle time and wasted materials and resources are eliminated. PowerMILL contains techniques specifically developed for conventional and high speed machining such as 'Nurbs' machining which allows machine tools to cut faster. PowerMILL's Windows user interface and clear graphical display ensure that all this functionality is easy to use and quick to learn for even an occasional user.

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Mr. Simpson, Delcam

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Very poor support from Delcam 3/15/2004
We were interested in evaluating PowerMill to replace WorkNC. Unfortunately, Delcam would not give us a 30 day trial, but insisted we purchase the software without even trying it, with the condition that we could get a refund if we were not completely satisfied. They had promised weekly visits to help us in the transition, but that didn't happen. It took 6 weeks to get a post-processor for a Fadal, and they never did deliver on the APT post that they assured me was included in PowerMill (it wasn't). Any questions I had about paths I was running went unanswered for 2 to 3 weeks. On one occasion I requested that they come in to help us on a path, but they were too busy. I found the software pretty good, but not significantly better than WorkNC for our application. Also, some features such as the automatic hole recognition failed 90% of the time. When I let them know that I wasn't happy with it, the high pressure sales pitches started almost daily. They had no respect for my work schedule, and would schedule meetings when I told them it was not a good time for me. They also began questioning the money back guarantee, indicating that they would not honour it. Time will tell whether this fiasco end up in court, or if they will honour their agreement. If you are interested in PowerMill, insist on a 30 day evaluation, or walk away. Also, don't believe all the promises they give you when pushing to close the sale. Most will not be kept.
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The best CAM that I know 7/29/2004
I'm started working with PowerMill six year ago. When I compare versions before and now I must say that PowerMill grew from average to the very powerfull and usefull software. Actualy when I see some others CAM, I must say that they present some functions as the last news that was in PowerMill at the time when I started with them. Yes, they some mistakes but that is in every software. For that all time not happend some gauges or colisions. If some gauges or colisions ocurred so in every time was my personal or operator error because wasn't keep some rule. They is very friendly and easy to use and some his functions is nonsuperable because with that I can make some parts in one step and don't must make two or three programs and spend more time. Here is only one shadow over them and that is not much efective support from mother concern. Their support is reduced only to the issue servicepacks with fixed bugs and new versions. But if you need quick advice you can forgot it. It look so funny but support of their local sale office is better then their own. But acrros problematic support I must they suppport because functionality is best from other softwares that I know. Ad last but not least, their translators are first class. Some short note to the Dan B review. His problems with PowerMill looks like bad work of peoples from his local sale office. Because I had not any problem with our local sale office. Is not problem say them about trial version or something other.
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No postprocessor support 7/27/2007 by 'Roman' from Roman
Powermill is really a first class software, but the weak point is postprocessor. There is no way to build your own post. for your own machine. The mayority of other CAMs offer very user friendly applications for building their own post. They have released PMPost, but it is no good, there is no help support, and is completely non-functional
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Very good CAM software 4/17/2003
Delcam Powermill has proved to be a first class software. It's easy and reliable, with excellent technical support. With the translation between Rhino and Powermill I have found it easy and quick to import any model.