Vector Art 3D

Vector Art 3D supplies high quality artistic dimensional models. These can be used as individual machinable components or can be imported in Rhino and added as decoration to Rhino surface models. All our models are available as individual downloads for immediate purchase from the website. We are constantly adding new content and are happy to receive requests and custom commissions.

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James Booth, Vector Art 3D
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Versatile and beautiful 3/1/2007
I have recently checked these patterns and found it to be very useful. much better than Rhino4's default set. I think rhino should include this as a default set. Nice work. Hope to see more creative patterns. Do a Trick and you will surprise - I have even tried by breaking them into curves and then extruding to make 3D........ COOL effect with these presets! Thanks !
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exelencia 4/10/2007 by 'jose luis escobar martinez' from jose luis escobar martinez
me parece extraordinario com fuenciona esta maravilla de software. no pongo 5 estrellas porque siempre los mejoran pero me encanta esto.. Bendiciones...