$295 Trimmed NURB surface design program with unique features for detailed shape control and smoothing, geometry contraints, developable surface creation, surface development and expansion, offset shelling of polysurfaces of different thicknesses, airfoil design, creation and editing of bonded and watertight 3d solids, and reverse engineering. - Over 20 years of development - Point, line, polyline, NURB curve, and NURB surface entities - Direct control of surface shape using edit points on the surface - Dynamic curvatures on surface for grid lines and surface cuts - Fairing control using fine-tune move commmands - DXF and IGES (types 143 and 144) input and output - Weight calculations of points, curves, and surfaces - Full calculation of total weight and center of gravity - Full relational editing of polysurfaces and trimming curves - Dynamic constraints can be added or deleted as needed - Dynamic ruling lines for designing developable surfaces - Develop or expand simple or doubly-curved surfaces - Define parts of surfaces to unwrap - Includes a database of over 1500 2D airfoil shapes - Full set of 2D and 3D shapes and watertight solids - Many general commands, like sweep, loft, extrude, and curvefit - Offset/shell polysurfaces with different thicknesses - Much, much more

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Stephen Hollister, New Wave Systems, Inc.

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