lucernhammer is a collection of ultra-high performance electromagnetic (EM) signature and radar cross section (RCS) prediction tools. It represents a modern, state of the art approach to scattering code engineering and design. lucernhammer MT is an asymptotic signature code that implements the methods of Physical Optics (PO), the Physical Theory of Diffration (PTD), and Shooting and Bouncing Rays (SBR). It supports conducting and lossy layered dielectric materials over conductor. It is written in C from the ground up, and is completely parallel processing capable on all supported plaforms. Serenity is a full-wave electromagnetic solver based upon the three-dimensional Method of Moments (MoM). It implements the Electric and Magnetic Field Integral Equations (EFIE, MFIE) with RWG basis functions for its solution. This code is also fully parallelized on all platforms. Companion tools include triangle mesh visualization, synthetic aperture (SAR) imaging, and geometry model manipulation and transformation utilities. Supported platforms are Windows 9X/2000/NT, x86 linux, and SGI IRIX/IRIX64. This software suite is currently export controlled by the United States and may only be purchased by eligible US defense contractors, government agencies and educational institutions.

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Walton C. Gibson, Tripoint Industries, Inc.

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