FAQ Topic - make sure these are covered

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  • What's the difference between educational & commercial?
    The price and that it's non-transferable; everything else is identical. If/when they have more questions, I explain the info we have posted here https://www.rhino3d.com/eduproducts.htm.
  • Can I install Rhino on multiple computers?
    I tell them yes if they own both computers (i.e. desktop/laptop) and that the software is only in use on one machine at any given time. I tell them no if they want to install it on a machine they do not own or have 100% control over (i.e. work or school computer that someone else has access to).
  • Can I use my employer's copy at home?
    No. I refer them to the evaluation version and let them know they may purchase their own license.
  • I lost my (CD/CD-Key/everything). I need to (reinstall/download). What can I do?
    I go into all the scenarios. Do you have your CD? CD-Key? Serial-Number? DVD case? I then look in the registration database and sales history pages. The solution varies depending on their answers and my search results. I typically end up doing one of the following: sell them a replacement CD, tell them their CD-Key, or sell a 1/2 price replacement license.

WIP and Beta Warnings/Expectation management

I don't know how you get this across to the users in a positive way, but they need to know that there will be bumps in the development road. Data and files may be lost, and files may be corrupted. While we never intend for that to happen, it does and fixing the problem is our highest priority in the WIP or Beta development phases, not helping them get their project done. During the service release phase, getting the problem fixed specifically so they can get their work done IS our priority. I'm hoping to weed out the people that can't afford any professional risk, and temper the expectations of those that choose get involved. It's the old "expectation management" thing.