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Introduction to Rhino 3D Modeling, 8 Evenings at Akiyo Matsuoka

8/7/2017 - 8/30/2017
Monday and Wednesday Evenings, 6:15 to 9:15pm

Manhattan, New York

Course Description:
This is a small, semi-private class and is open to all industry professionals to build solid foundation with Rhino 5.0. You'll learn to create and edit accurate free-form 3-D NURBS models. Class covers most of Rhino's functionality, including the most advanced surfacing commands.

We use jewelry as geometry however professionals in other field can benefit from the class.
You will learn step-by-step 2D drawings and 3D modeling with various exercises and strategies.
Lots of digital materials such as tutorial Rhino files, various stone templates and cutters, etc. and PDF files are provided for your use. Hands on and intereractive class.
Seats are limited to 6 people. Register early to save your spot!
​PC or Windows running Mac laptop and 2-button scroll mouse are required.
Private tutoring and on-site group lesson is also available by request.

Instructor: Akiyo Matsuoka, Certified Rhino Trainer, Adjunct faculty at Fashion Institute of Technology.

Akiyo Matsuoka
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To Register:
e-mail: Akiyo Matsuoka
phone: 646-241-0045