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Grasshopper Designer at The Institute of Digital Design Australia

3/3/2014 - 3/2/2015

International, Australia
$35 p/m

Course Description:

Grasshopper Designer

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  • icon-transformations

  • GH201 Transformations

    Transform your geometry in a variety of ways.

    - Move

    - Rotate

    - Orient

    - Array

    - Scale – WATCH NOW!

  • icon-operators

  • GH202 Operators

    Combine geometry with Math.

    - Mass Addition

    - Math Operators

    - Modulus

  • icon-conditions

  • GH203 Conditions

    Introduce conditions for checking and selecting geometry.

    - Greater or Less than

    - Similarity

  • icon-intersection

  • GH204 Intersections

    Combine, Subtract and Intersect your geometry.

    - Curve Intersections

    - Regions

    - Contours

    - Surface Split – WATCH NOW!

    - Boolean

  • icon-cluster

  • GH205 Cluster

    Package your design logic into your own components.

    - Create a function

    - Create the cluster

    - User Objects

  • icon-triangulation

  • GH206 Triangulation

    Techniques to operate on point fields.

    - Delauney

    - Voronoi

    - Quad Tree

    - Proximity

  • icon-exam

  • Grasshopper Designer Exam


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