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Rhino 5.0 Designer at The Institute of Digital Design Australia

3/3/2014 - 3/2/2015

International, Australia
$35 p/m

Course Description:

Rhino 5.0 Designer

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Look out for the [WATCH NOW] icons below to preview some of the lessons!

  • icon-manage

  • RH201 Model Management

    Customize your modelling environment.

    - Layers

    - Linetypes

    - Lineweights

    - Display Modes

    - Groups

    - Object Visibility

  • icon-precision

  • RH202 Precision Drawing

    Tips and Tricks for accurate drawing.

    - Snaps and Tracking

    - Move and Copy

    - One Shot Snaps – WATCH NOW!

    - Curve Boolean

    - Curve Continuity

    - Annotation

    - Advanced Selections

  • icon-modelling

  • RH203 Precision Modelling

    Take control of your 3D model.

    - Scaling Objects

    - 3D Rotation

    - Set Points

    - Tween Surfaces – WATCH NOW!

    - Arrays

    - Variable Fillets

  • icon-adv-surface

  • RH204 Advanced Surfaces

    Work with advanced surface construction techniques.

    - Patch and Network Surface

    - Sweep with Rails

    - Rebuild Surfaces

  • icon-curve-extraction

  • RH205 3D Curve Extraction

    Extract 3D curves from your surfaces.

    - Isocurve Extraction

    - Curve Projection

    - Contour

  • icon-camera

  • RH206 Camera Properties

    Manipulate the camera to construct different views.

    - Projection Types

    - Clipping Planes

    - Named Views

  • icon-exam

  • Rhino 5.0 Designer Exam


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