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Rhino 5.0 Essentials at The Institute of Digital Design Australia

3/3/2014 - 3/2/2015

International, Australia
$35 p/m

Course Description:

Rhino 5.0 Essentials

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Look out for the [WATCH NOW] icons below to preview some of the lessons!

  • icon-interface

  • RH101 Interface

    First look into Rhino 5.0.

    - Introduction

    - Interface

    - Navigation

    - Geometry Types

    - Rhino Commands

    - Viewports

    - Saving and Filetypes

  • icon-drawing

  • RH102 Basic Drawing

    Learn how to draw, modify and measure lines and curves.

    - Background Images

    - Lines and Polylines

    - Control Point Curve

    - Points On

    - Curve Modification

    - Mirror

    - Measuring

  • icon-surfaces

  • RH103 Freeform Surface Modelling

    Transform lines and curves into freeform surfaces.

    - Extrude Curves

    - Loft – WATCH NOW!

    - Planar Surface

    - Surface by Points

  • icon-solids

  • RH104 Solid Modelling

    Ways to construct solid models from primitives or surfaces.

    - Primitives

    - Offset Surface

    - Boolean Operations

    - Extrude Surface

    - Solid Trim

  • icon-extraction

  • RH105 Drawing Extraction

    Extract 2D vector drawings from your 3D geometry.

    - Make 2D – WATCH NOW!

    - Sections

    - Quick Print

  • icon-rendering

  • RH106 Basic Rendering

    Apply materials and work with render settings.

    - Materials

    - Basic Rendering

  • icon-exam

  • Rhino 5.0 Essentials Exam


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