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Grasshopper Advanced at The Institute of Digital Design Australia

3/3/2014 - 3/2/2015

International, Australia
$35 p/m

Course Description:

Grasshopper Advanced

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Look out for the [WATCH NOW] icons below to preview some of the lessons!

  • icon-trees

  • GH301 Trees

    Explore the way Grasshopper handles data.

    - Understanding Trees

    - Flip Matrix – WATCH NOW!

    - Selecting Items

    - Flatten List

    - Graft List

    - Workflow

  • icon-analytics

  • GH302 Analytics

    Drive design analysis with grasshopper.

    - Area Analysis

    - Structure Indicator

    - Analysis Grid

  • icon-advanced

  • GH303 Advanced Components

    Look at some of the more advanced components.

    - Image Sampling

    - Timers

    - Isovists – WATCH NOW!

  • icon-exam

  • Grasshopper Advanced Exam


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