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Grasshopper Essentials at The Institute of Digital Design Australia

3/3/2014 - 3/2/2015

International, Australia
$35 p/m

Course Description:

Grasshopper Essentials

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Look out for the [WATCH NOW] icons below to preview some of the lessons!

  • icon_ghinterface

  • GH101 Interface

    Explore and become familiar with the Grasshopper interface

    - Introduction

    - Interface

    - Grasshopper Objects

    - Object State

    - Anatomy of the component

  • icon-components

  • GH102 Components

    Components are your toolkit! Learn about the different types.

    - Containers

    - Constructors

    - Visualisation – WATCH NOW!

    - Control Mechanisms

  • icon_data

  • GH103 Data

    Everything revolves around data. Get familiar!

    - Single vs Multiple Data

    - Data matching

    - Sequences

    - Strings

  • icon-measurement

  • GH104 Measurement

    Extract and use data from existing geometry.

    - Proximity Attractor

    - Areas – WATCH NOW!

    - Parameter Space

    - Closest Points

    - Containment

  • icon-geometry

  • GH105 Geometry

    Construct various types of geometry.

    - Lines

    - Curves

    - Circles

    - Loft

    - Extrude

    - Pipe

  • icon-exam

  • Grasshopper Essentials Exam


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