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RhinoWorks is a plug-in that brings constraint-based parametric design in Rhino. A constraint specifies geometric and dimensional properties of one or more shapes. Applying constraints forces geometric bodies to change their shapes or/and position in 3D space. With RhinoWorks you obtain full parametric control of any model, including ones imported from other CAD systems. RhinoWorks significantly increases productivity of your usual design workflow.

RhinoWorks is smoothly integrated with Rhino: RhinoWorks just adds another toolbar to the familiar Rhino environment and does not limit your access to all Rhino features and commands. After installing the RhinoWorks plug-in and starting Rhinoceros, users see the RhinoWorks toolbar that was specially designed to look like Rhino’s other built-in tools. The RhinoWorks Manager allows users to easily navigate geometric constraints and driving dimensions, which for large models can number in the thousands. The Constraint Properties editor with its spin buttons easily modifies values of driving dimension parameters. The RhinoWorks Animation panel and its slider are familiar to anyone who uses video or audio players. During kinematic animation, Rhino users can pan, rotate and zoom the model. Any built-in or plug-in rendering module can be used to generate a sequence of image files corresponding to key frames of the animated mechanism. The images can be converted to a movie with one of many free or commercial software packages available on the market.

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Version 3.0 (June 2013)


  • Supports/requires Rhino 5. Two different installers are provided for 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Added automatic conversion of Rhino5 "extrusion" objects to polysurfaces upon constraints creation.


  • RhinoWorks 3.0 uses the most recent version of the Bricsys LGS 3D geometric solver (V6.0) and its integration module for boundary representation (LIM 3D). As result RhinoWorks 3.0 became more stable and its performance increased.
  • In particular the behavior on models containing cylindrical, toroidal and spherical fillets was essentially improved.

Version 2.0

  • Supports/requires Rhino 4.

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Dmitry Ushakov, Bricsys Technologies Russia

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