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Fuzzy-logic Block DecompositionUsing fuzzy logic, KUBRIX® automatically subdivides a solid into a small number of blocks, and builds an all-hex mesh.
Multi-material MeshingKUBRIX® can mesh objects composed of several materials.  The resulting mesh has coinciding nodes at material boundaries.
Hexahedral MeshingYou can build block-structured, fully unstructured or fully-structured all-hexahedral meshes.
Oct-tree meshingUse oct-tree meshing to create meshes from low-quality, overlapping and non-closed surface data
Minimal Convex Block Decomposition (MCBD)You can decompose a multi-material volume into a minimum number of convex blocks for use in efficient contact detection in DEM mechanics and robotics
Input: closed, manifold or non-manifold triangular meshstl, nastran, patran, ideas, ensight, ansys (PREP7), ansyscdwrite (CDWRITE Command), ansyshmtemplate, abaqus, flac3d, gridpro, 3dec and zmap
Output Format:nastran, patran, ideas, ansys (PREP7), vrml 2.0, ensight, marc, abaqus, flac3d, gridpro, and 3dec (POLY files)

Rhino3D KUBRIX® Plug-in
ImplementationAll the capabilities of KUBRIX® can be launched with the click of a button directly from Rhino3D
Viewing of the meshThe resulting volume meshes can be viewed as VRML 2.0 files iin Rhino3D
Rhino3D utilities Use the provided Rhino3D scripts for colorization and creating single non-manifold BREPS for use with KUBRIX®

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Reza Taghavi, Ph.D., Technical Director, Simulation Works, Inc.

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