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Rhino for Jewelry

The chapters in this book were conceived as step-by-step tutorials to be used in Rhinoceros courses for jewelry students and professionals.  There was a perceived need for a written text that was jewelry industry specific so that students could review lessons and have a text for reference once the class was over and the real learning curve began.

Jewelry Designers can use Rhinoceros for both technical drawings/layouts and the building of 3D models for visualization.

Jewelry  Model Makers are now able to build jewelry models on the computer, having them printed using prototyping technology. 

First part of the book:  The creation of technical drawings and layouts - tutorials cover creation and editing of basic lines and curves.

Second part of the book:  Using knowledge gained from the first part of the book to create 3-dimensional jewelry objects.

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Dana Buscaglia, Dana Buscaglia

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Excellent Resource for Jewelry & Product Design 8/16/2010 by 'Antar'
'Rhino for Jewelry' is an excellent resource & guidebook to learning core modeling concepts in Rhino whether you have interest in creating jewelry or looking to learn many of the powerful functions & commands in Rhino. The information you'll find inside covers key modeling concepts specific to jewelry making and that can be applied to product design in any industry. From beginning to end, the tutorials are well thought out & thorough with each lesson introducing a new set of essential modeling commands & techniques. An array of subjects are covered from creating 2D technical specs to 3D modeling & rendering in an easy to follow format. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to learn the basics to more advanced modeling concepts & functions in Rhino for jewelry making & product design.