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Rhino 4.0 Upgrade Guide

This new user and training guides show you how to take advantage of Rhino 4.0 new functionality. Just follow the step by step tutorials.





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Customer Reviews
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Rhinoceros 4.0 Upgrade 3/5/2008 by 'Brent Bankston' from Brent Bankston
I absolutely love Rhinoceros 4.0 with new windows vista. It appears to run rather more smooth and efficient than Rhinoceros 3.0 has ever ran. Some of the new commands available only on Rhino 4.0 offer many more opportunities as of designing what ever it is that im designing.
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bk 3/18/2008 by 'bk' from bk
This download is an installer that loads a set of tutorial models in: 'HELP', 'Learn Rhino', 'Open Tutorial Models', 'New in Rhino 4.0'. These tutorial models work with the 'Upgrade Guide'.