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SUM is a 3D CAM package made to meet the mould makers’ production needs. The ease with which it can be used has determined the wide use in the mould making industry in several companies, in Italy and abroad. SUM was born out of the mould maker’s experience and its continous development is based on the suggestions made by the users everyday. SUM3D communicate bilaterally with Rhino (not just reading .3dm) and this is very helpful to change model or cam strategies without continuous import/export of model itself. 30 Days Trial Available.

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Luigi Fanin, CIMsystem S.r.l.

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excellent 8/1/2003
I work from '83 in mould environment. I tested many NC Sw and I can say that SUM3D is the best I've tested. First of all for the continuos development and enhancements that are made every week from the developers and, second for the cheap cost of sw itself and maintenance. I suggest everyone involved in mould activities to buy it.
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Powerful & Useful 7/18/2003
I'm a moldmaker. I Use SUM3D since year 2000. It grows very fast. SUM3D is a 3D cam software, probably the easy to use in the market. I use it both in my technical office and in my workshop with excellent result. I work in 3 and 5 axis and I do not need ather cam software to manage complex toolpath. It was a very good choice 3 years ago and I confirm it today.