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CADucopia Toolpath Viewer v0.2

The CADucopia Toolpath Viewer is a RhinoScript that displays a XYZ G-Code toolpath in Rhino as polylines. G0, G1 and M30 and X, Y, Z are used for generating the polylines. Other G and M codes and special characters (with the exception of a comment character) are ignored. CADucopia, LLC, based in New York, develops custom scripting for CAD/CAM applications (Computer Aided Design / Manufacture). Please consider us should you need custom scripting or other custom CAD/CAM related work, such as specialized modeling or private instruction, done.

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Jim Korn, CADucopia, LLC

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works well with meshcam 9/12/2007 작성자: 'Bernard Bryce' - Bernard Bryce
I have tried this with Meshcam and it worls really well. Just like it says on the tin... loads g-code files as lines in rhino. A little slow on really large files (200000 vectors plus). Clear instructions in the readme file. Bernard Bryce.