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Mesh Flow

Mesh Flow is a reverse engineering related plug-in in Rhino 5.0 and above. It can help engineers to build all kinds of surfaces from point cloud or mesh model. It also support 3D mesh generation from point cloud, single sketch or single curve. Current Mesh Flow 1.7 version contains 12 modules:

  • PointCloudToMesh It will build a triangle mesh from the selected point cloud.
  • PointCloudResample It will simplify the selected point cloud by random, curvature analysis or mixed methods.
  • MeshDecompose  It will decompose the selected mesh into several sub meshes based on curvature analysis and statistic.
  • SectionCurve – It will intersect with the selected mesh or point cloud to get section curves.
  • FitAllSurfByMesh - It will recognize and fit several types of surfaces from meshes.
  • FitAllSurfByPointCloud - It will recognize and fit several types of surfaces from point cloud.
  • TrimSurf/TrimSurfMutual - TrimSurf will trim the selected surface by other surfaces in model automatically. TrimSurfMutual will trim the selected surfaces mutually.
  • PointCloudBoundCur It will trace boundary curves from a “open” point cloud without meshing it.
  • TraceSkeleton It will trace a b-spline curve from a selected point cloud as skeleton. The selected point cloud should locates at a plane.
  • InflateSketch - It will inflate a closed mesh from a sketched polygon.
  • InflateCurve It will inflate a closed mesh from a selected plannar closed curve or polygon.
  • Module X (Free Module Forever)  - PointCloudFromMesh will get point cloud from the selecting meshes. ShowAllMesh/HideAllMesh will show/hide all meshes in model. ShowAllPointCloud/HideAllPointCloud will show/hide all point cloud in model. ModelManage will mange meshes and surfaces. SearchSurfByMesh will search matched surface by mesh.

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Jacky Yang, Melonsoft

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