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Triangle Mesh Completer

Triangle Mesh Completer plug-in is intended to fill gaps in triangle mesh models, especially in models obtained from scan data. The plug-in, as distinct from existing tools for this purpose, is able to repair seriously damaged models. It can not only fill holes of complicated shape but is capable to connect different boundaries of a specified model to restore its original topology. This ability is required if the model has one or several tunnel-like holes whose internal parts are lost or (and) if the model’s surface is represented by several isolated mesh pieces.

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Alexander Emelyanov, Institute of Computing for Physics and Technology
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Amazing tool for hole filling! 6/24/2011 작성자: 'Joseph R Saltzman' - Joseph R Saltzman
I work with heavy scan data which often suffers from problematic holes because of missing data due to occlusion. I've had an opportunity to work with this tool and the results are nothing short of amazing. The Triangle Mesh Completer is able to fill gaps and holes in very large data sets but what is so amazing is that its intelligent enough to fill gaps in areas where little or no data exists... It is absolutely magical. The tool is easy to use and there are many options for controlling its behavior. Scanning is the easy part but editing the data is hard and this tool makes my job SO much easier. I can highly recommend it!