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There is, perhaps nothing more tedious in all of naval architecture than the creation of a table of offsets.  It takes hours of measuring distances, recording them and then typing them into a cell of a table.  Efforts have been made to use spreadsheets, with limited success.  Even with spreadsheets, the chances for transcription errors exist.

Now, with RhinOffsets, you can spend 10 minutes or so creating the necessary curves with data attached and with a few clicks, create a table of offsets in DXF format that can be read into your Rhinoceros model or AutoCAD (or other CAD) drawing .

When the dialog appears, you simply arrange your curves in the order you want them to appear in the table, select your output units, text justification, and specify how you want the table to appear.  When you press the "Go" button, your table is created.

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Cliff W Estes, BaseLine Technology
425 882 7317

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