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RhinoRing by CadWax

RhinoRing is a Rhino plug-in by Cadwax that supports Jewelers and Jewelry designers in their day-to-day work. It improves the workflow with custom windows and menus.


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Keith Reffell, Cadwax

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Perfect! 11/19/2011 작성자: 'Dan DeArmond' - Dan DeArmond
This is the most innovative, well written plugin availabe anywhere for building rings in Rhino! If you can run a mouse, you can build rings with this plugin! Keith just keeps adding new features as well. LOOK AT THIS!!!!
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Ring Builder 5/29/2011 작성자: 'L. S. Watson' - L. S. Watson
I've been working with this for some weeks and find it saves me lots of time. Very easy to use. Keith is adding new features almost weekly. His forum has lots of helpful information and examples.
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Another Great Plugin for Rhino 6/2/2011 작성자: 'Pat Schmidt' - Pat Schmidt
For you Jewelers out there this is really a great addition to have and well worth every penny! You can design the base for your signet style rings and more... fast,fast,fast.... and with a little thought. You can really come up with some unique designs again fast!... I highly recommend this tool....no more will you have to use curve from network,patch,revolve,rail and all the other ways to create your base model all the work has been done for you with Keith's new tool! one of the best investments I've made in saving time /frustration alone! Avanti Jewelers
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Another Great Plugin for Rhino 5/31/2011 작성자: 'Kent Brooks' - Kent Brooks
I used this plug-in for the first time a few days ago and was able complete my design in a friction of the time. The plug-in was able to pay for itself the 2nd day I had it. I love this plug-in. Great work CADWAX
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Fantastic Ring Builder Plug-In 3/25/2011 작성자: 'Sean Kenna' - Sean Kenna
Just been working with this plug-in . Takes a lot of time out of work load . Would recommend download this .