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Air Rendering Software

SiTex Graphics' Air provides native NURB rendering for your Rhino models. The new RhinoAir plugin for Rhino allows you to quickly start rendering using familiar Rhino materials and lights, while also taking advantage of Air’s advanced features including programmable shading, high-quality anti-aliasing, soft shadows, blurry reflections, global illumination, curve rendering, and outlines for illustration.

To speed your workflow, RhinoAir provides full scene interactive shading and lighting when used with SiTex Graphics' TweakAir companion product.  View the effects of lighting and material changes as you make them in a high-quality Interactive Preview Rendering (IPR).  

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Scott Iverson, SiTex Graphics

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A Breath of Fresh AIR 9/4/2008 작성자: 'Billy Raygun' - Billy Raygun
I've been using AIR for a while now and am really impressed by SiTex Graphic's integration into Rhino. Prior to that, I was using the very stable AIR Space, a stand alone application which would link to Rhino models. My work flow is even faster now working within Rhino without any loss of features. It's a very affordable, very powerful and very flexible rendering application. Can't go wrong with it.