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Rhino Visual Training

Every month, Rhino Visual Training will teach you how to use a Rhino command. At Rhino Visual Training you will find a list of AVI files (w/out sound) with helpful advice on how to use a specific Rhino command. The excercises and commands will change every month. Stay tuned! It is free of charge!

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Jacqueline Nasser, McNeel Southeast US & Latin America
305 513 4445

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평균 평점 - 전체 3 리뷰 기준
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Rhino Visual Training Video 1/18/2004
Each section should be a little longer, but anything else is great. I would say that you have never got this much from any other program online training.
450 명 (전체 1193 중)의 사용자가 다음 리뷰가 도움이 된다고 하였습니다.
Rhino Visual Training Video 5/1/2003
If you just wanna get started on Rhino and the Mazing world of three dee...this is for you. Video shows you all the tools and methods for developing your first rhino object.
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Excelentes tutoriales 12/19/2009 작성자: 'Juan G.' - Juan G.
Es un excelente aporte y ademas gratuito ojala subieran mas tutoriales de diseño de suelas y plantillas complentado con el uso de los plugins de escalado. Muy recomendable visitar su pagina