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FEA structural analysis software. Includes both dynamic (shock and vibration) and static structural analysis. Rhino is the best external 3D modeler for complex structural modeling for CADRE Pro analysis due to the compatiblity of the Rhino meshing feature with CADRE Pro's DXF import/export.

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Jim Haynes, CADRE Analytic

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Cadre Pro FEA 9/23/2002
I have been using Cadre Pro for many years, longer than Rhino even! The first use was for dynamic assessments of the first critical speed for fan shafts used for lift of Surface Effect Ships. Compared with other methods, results were surprisingly close! Because of the small program size and efficient use of resources, it allowed analysis on site for installed variations in the fan configuration caused by additional couplings, etc. not anticipated during the design phase. Using Rhino surface meshes with Cadre Pro, I have accomplished FEA on some very complex plate structures. Some are posted on our web site at www.islandengineering.com- rest assured more will come very quickly. Specifically For Marine design problems in isotropic materials (such as aluminum and stainless), Rhino and Cadre Pro can allow quick assessment of candidate forms by the design engineer. These results have been checked using well proven basic calculations such as those in Mark's, Roark and Young, or in the Machinery's Handbook, and show very good agreement.