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PropCad is a software tool for the automatic preparation of 2D design drawings, 3D views, construction data, and CAD/CAM file export for marine propellers, thrusters and impellers. Designs of virtually any type of marine propeller can be prepared with PropCad's comprehensive geometry definition. The easiest way to create a propeller design is with PropCad's Builder - a 'wizard' that takes user design objectives and develops complete blade geometry. PropCad output includes traditional 2D design drawings, 3D views, and printed tables of 2D and 3D section offsets. Both 2D and 3D propeller geometry may be exported from PropCad in a variety of formats, including a Rhino macro to transfer the blade and hub surfaces for further development. For manufacturers, researchers or designers of marine propellers. Starting at US$5000.

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Donald MacPherson, HydroComp, Inc.

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nice but... 4/18/2008 작성자: 'hamid' - hamid
it's a very important in naval architecture,but i hope can fined a trial version before bye it. regard