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Mosaix is nesting software, a Rhinoceros plug-in, that makes it possible to automate the arrangement of a series of profiles inside closed areas. Nesting is an irreplaceable application in various machining operation fields, and is used to automatically arrange the pieces to be created on metal sheets, sheets of glass and marble, pieces of leather and fabric, and in all those applications that require the ordered or fitted arrangement of a countless series of figures. The profiles, both external containment profiles and the pieces to be nested, can be of any shape. Mosaix provides the user with a series of tools that makes it possible to execute the placement of profiles by simply selecting the area. The fields of application are lasers, wire EDM, water-jet, flame cutting, plasma, 2D milling, and engraving. Given the versatility of the software, it is possible to run a swarfs recovery simply by designing the piece to be recovered and assigning it as an external area.

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Luigi Fanin, CIMsystem S.r.l.

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