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Bamboo is the ultimate solution for cutting tool path generation with different technologies (WireEDM, laser cut, oxygen-flame cut, waterjet). Given a project of whichever kind, either 2D or 3D, Bamboo can compute all the necessary strategies for a safe, quick and efficient cutting tool path. Completely integrated in Rhinoceros, Bamboo is able to generate the needed tool path starting from your cad projects, without the need of conversion or alteration of any kind. Bamboo has the possibility to interact with Mosaix nesting software, allowing the user to optimize the pieces' layout, optimize surfaces and start the cutting procedure, all from the same window. Using the RaVe module, Bamboo can also generate the tool path starting from a picture or a drawing with the best effort and best usability.

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Luigi Fanin, CIMsystem S.r.l.

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