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Capable of scanning and milling, MDX-15/20 is ideal for a variety of product design tasks, including reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, jewelry and model making, and small lot production. Select the spindle tip for state-of-the-art CNC milling, or select the Roland Active Piezo Sensor for precise 3D scanning. By testing and modifying your virtual 3D designs, the MDX-15/20 will save you time and money.

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Glenn Kennedy, Roland DGA

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Real Reality 9/18/2003
After you build your virtual model in Rhino and render it, you would wish to see it physically rendered. MDX20 does just that. Your model becomes REAL on your desktop. Just feed it in DXF or STL format to MODELA player and some time later you can pick your model in your hands. Its amazing.
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MDX-3 1/8/2003
I have the MDX-3 by Roland and its a wonderful little piece of hardware to get started on. Although it can't do much (MDX-3 can't do metal) it tought me a lot about CAD/CAM. I would have to say that its software is kind of lacking because if it messes up, which it so frequently does, you have to start all over again (which for some of my projects can take days). Its amazing that it take up so little space and is so easy to set up. It bacically works like a printer for your computer, just in 3d a little more messy.