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Scan, Cleanup, Remodel

This PDF file describes the process of cleaning up a scanned mesh and making it ready for STL printing. Additionally, the mesh is 'reverse engineered' and replaced with NURBS surfaces, all in Rhino Version 4.0. The scans were taken with a NextEngine scanner. The scans were meshed, aligned, trimmed, and blended, using the ScanStudio software and exported as an OBJ file. The data set is a sample file, and used with permission of NextEngine.

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Another excellent document from JB 2/21/2009 작성자: 'J Chertok (Universal Joint)' - J Chertok (Universal Joint)
This is a superb document presented with extreme clarity. The suggestions for mesh viewing in Rhino are a must. http://www.universaljointdesign.com development + design + construction [ blog ] on digital tools, rapid prototyping technologies and the fabrication of free-form structure.