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Eureka provides an easy design environment in Rhino for jewelry designers, even those who are not familiar with personal computers and CAD. The Eureka toolbar layout brings the Rhino commands used in jewelry design to the front and hides less frequently-used commands. Eureka includes unique examples that let you can learn Rhino commands while modeling jewelry parts. You can display those examples from the toolbar with a single click. A separate software package called “Sagi” performs calculations required for jewelry making, such as mass, ring size, and diamond size. In addition, you can automatically render four Rhino viewports, and then use Sagi to combine them into a four-view layout to print on one sheet. There are also album management and template display functions. A single click calls a template displayed in this software into Rhino. A wide range of templates is available. The CD-ROM package includes a Rhino video training course with the contents of a course as taught at Matsumura Gold & Silver Company’s Rhino training class. With this you can learn to use Rhino without leaving home. Eureka is only available in Japanese and Korean.

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Masahiro Matsumura, Matsumura Gold & Silver Co., LTD.

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research 2/19/2002
I am an industrial designer &research About jewlery.