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RhinoMan is a rendering plugin for several commercial RenderMan compatible renderers including Pixar's PhotoRealistic Renderman, AIR and RenderDotC, as well as free renderers like BMRT, 3Delight, and Aqsis.

The Rhino4 version is now in beta testing.

Create renderings using these popular applications directly from Rhino. Feature List: Reflections, soft shadows, custom shaders, global illumination (irradiance), HDRI, area lights, atmospheric effects, true displacement, texture mapping, multi-processor support, camera tools for common film and video formats, free materials and textures are available for download.

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Brian Perry ,

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very good 1/19/2002
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Excellent Improvement 12/27/2001
This is one area that I had to always export my images. This is a fabulous add-on to an already great piece of software. Truly appreciated. Thanks for the sharing of your talent.
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cool 8/9/2005
i like it
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Dobrý, fakt ale ta English a velikost! I speak Czech!!! 7/25/2002
Goog, very good!! but 4MB is Large
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i love rhinoman 9/10/2003
thanks Brian Perry i must say i love rhinoman
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no doubt, the best plug-in for Rhino 3D 11/26/2001
The rhinoman plug-in is a must have for anyone who wants to generate photorealistic images from Rhino without paying for a second rendering software package. Brain Perry has done a great job of seamlessly integrating the powerful capabilities of BMRT with the same ease-of-use that places Rhino at the top of the modelling software industry. A fantastic addition to Rhino 2.0.
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...really cool download ! 11/9/2001
Really impressed about rhinoman. It has some really powerful new features in the plugin-version and is very nice embedded into rhino. It connects Rhino with several Renderers (eg. BMRT) and still is available for free, which is very important for students who are trying to step into rendering in general. Personally, I want to thank you Brian P. for the last two years and all the wishes you´ve turned into reality. kind regards, clement
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Good.....very good 10/21/2002
This was exactly what I had been looking for. As a student, I didn't want to dish out masses of money for rendering software and then I found this....It's damn good!!!
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Very good 2/13/2004
RhinoMan + BMRT > Flamingo. Sorry, McNeel.
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Great 3/10/2005
Thanks Brian Perry: RhinoMan is great and free :)
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Excellent 3/1/2005
Very useful helper app!
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important information 3/11/2003
this is a great software, but in the begining i had some problems with some of my models, but thanks to mr. Bryan Perry he gave me a VERY GOOD support and solve the problem, the problem was some of the surfaces of my models was very very different when the render is done, the problem appears to be some kind of bug in BMRT, to fix this (not fix the bug but fix your render) use the rebuildsrf command in rhino and give enough V points, or you can make a polygon mesh from the surface and you will have a good render,hope this can help somebody and keep using rhinoman.