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Castable models from your emailed Rhino files … overnight! www.WBC3D.com When you email us your CAD file by 4pm (Central) today, WBC3D.com will utilize its 3D Systems’ HR Invision 3D Printer to create your perfect castable photopolymer “print,” and have it on its way back to you tomorrow. Limited-time introductory pricing and pre-paid programs available. If it’s easier for you, we can cast/clean/finish your piece, and set your (or our) gems, too. Call Koorosh for details. Phone: (312) 920-0726 TOLL FREE 866-299-5578 email: info@WBC3D.com www.WBC3D.com

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E-mail and cast it 7/5/2005
Every time is an excellent exprience, I just e-mail the design,and after 48 hours the piece casted in desire karat is in my hand. -Saving on shipping out the wax. -Fixing the technical problem with design to make it doable. -very good casting & Polish.
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3 reviews in days, that's pretty bogus. 7/12/2005
Don't juice your reviews, your a decent company, but your not that popular! WBC3D uses an Invision machine. The resolution is low, and the cast is not perfect. But they are cheap, and sometimes quick. If more time on clean up is OK, they are a great pick. Randy
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excellent service 7/6/2005
Excellent quality results. Pieces are completed on-time, and, as a bonus, they are nice to work with.
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Excellent Work And People 7/6/2005
Great quality and service fast turn around time.
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Great fast service and quality prints 10/5/2007 작성자: 'Couture Jewelery Designs' - Couture Jewelery Designs
Thank you, your services are so great and fast! My peices came out more beautiful then I imagined!
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Wonderful people to work 9/12/2007 작성자: 'John' - John
I really enjoy when I am working with these guys.They all are accountable and responsile for quality of their jobs.I highly recommend them in jewelery business