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Professional 3D Jewelry with Rhinoceros

The book “Professional 3D Jewelry with Rhinoceros” by Logis3D is addressed to all designers who are eager to project their models in a professional way applying RhinocerosProfessional 3D Jewelry with Rhinoceros, being the main targets of the book goldsmithery, jewellery and fashion. Available also English version.

The book consists in a collection of 40 tutorials, which include both basic and advanced learning. The reader is led into a more and more complex modeling, while the most important features of Rhinoceros get explained in increasing detail alongside with a wide range of 3D cad workflows, resulting in high designed models.  All tutorials work for both Rhinoceros 4. 0 and 5.0

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Sergio Petronilli, LOGIS3D Srl

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