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Yacht Design,Finite Elements Analysis in Rhino 5.0 Scan&Solve 2014 FEA plugin

Boat and Yacht Structural Design ; Finite Elements Analysis  in Rhino 5.0 and  Scan and Solve 2014 FEA plugin.


Andrei Rochian Boat Yacht Design in Rhino 5.0 and Rhino Marine; Boat and Yacht  Renderings and Animations in VRay; FEA Analysis in Rhino and Scan And Solve. Visit our website  to see our range of boat and yacht designs as well as  yacht design and engineering service delivered  to  yacht companies  and private owners  in  Hong Kong; UK; USA;  Sweden,Holland. Download from our website a Free Downloadable Rhino 3D Model . The model does includine  an embedded FEA  Analysis by Scan& Solve  2014 of a  typical   Fiberglass  Composite Motor Boat Hull Bottom Framing with Yanmar Diesel .


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Andrei Rochian, L&A Maritime SRL

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