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Deniz Araçları Tasarımında Temeller-The Fundementals of Seacraft Design

Marine vehicle design, has a long tradition that is organized around the concept of lofting and layout. For many years this tradition has been applied by loftsman with descriptive geometry and its algorithmic application. These concepts gained new contents with developments of CAD. As a result of all these explanation this book is a reinterpretation of traditional seacraft building with Rhinoceros and ORCA 3D. In the book the balance between theory and practice was considered. All applications are supported with explanations. The content of the book instructs the user from pre-design to detailed design.The book consists of 19 chapters and totally 675 pages.  in the book platform design, ABCD strategy, planning approach, geometrical lines, descriptive geometry of seacraft design , the fundementals and methods of seacraft design issues are mainly located.


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