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Designing Jewelry with Rhinoceros

Designing Jewelry with Rhinoceros will show readers how to draw/model 3D jewelry with step-by-step instructions, as well as how to prepare models for production. The book was designed for professionals and beginners, with tips and techniques for jewelers using Rhino. Available in English and Portuguese.

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Eliânia Rosetti,

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EBook Buyer BEWARE! 2/11/2012 작성자: 'David Wilkinson' - David Wilkinson
Do NOT buy the eBook from this publisher. You are forced to install a download manager named iLivid just to access the the link. ILivid will make you livid as it will infect your system with browser hijackers and other nasties that are very difficult to get rid of! The eBook is then annoyingly protected with a password. Thumbs Down! The book is great. Just DO NOT BUY THE EBOOK! You have been warned.