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EvoluteTools PRO for Rhino

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EvoluteTools PRO is an advanced Rhino plugin providing access to freeform surface panelization and planarization as well as mesh subdivision algorithms.


  • RhinoScript and Half-Edge data structure support
  • unlimited mesh size
  • multi-resolution mesh modeling
  • global subdivision rules
  • local subdivision rules
  • mesh editing tools
  • mesh optimization for:
    • closeness to reference surfaces
    • fairness
    • hybrid meshes (mixtures of triangles, planar quads, planar pentagons, planar hexagons, ...)
    • planar quad meshes
    • ideal edge length
    • ideal panel
    • conical meshes
    • circular meshes
    • sphere packings
    • coplanarity
    • developable strips
  • modeling and optimization of N-gon meshes (PolyMeshes)
  • export and import tools for N-gon meshes
  • constraining vertex movement to normals
  • local fairing controls
  • specification of creases/kinks
  • specification of vertices as anchor/corner points
  • specification of additional reference curves, e.g. in the interior of reference surfaces, useful for:
    • alignment of vertices with floor slabs
    • alignment of vertices with predefined panelisation curves
    • fine-grained control of panel layouts
  • coplanarity constraints for sets of vertices, useful for:
    • alignment of vertices with structural elements
    • simplification of panelisation curves
    • constraining vertices to general planes
    • constraining vertices to special planes (horizontal, vertical, user defined, etc)
  • analysis modes:
    • principle curvature lines
    • closeness to a reference object
    • planarity of panels
    • edge length distribution
  • pattern mapping (points, polylines, meshes)

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Florin Isvoranu, Evolute GmbH

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