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Modeling in Rhinoceros for Marine Designers

This tutorial will take you from having very little Rhino experience to being able to model complex hulls and superstructures.  It will cover

  • Designing your own sailboat from a list of basic parameters,
  • Lofting a 165-foot motor yacht from a designer's lines drawing,
  • Lofting a fully-developable hull from a set of sketched lines
  • Creating two different hulls from a flat sheet (the rubber-boat approach to modeling)
  • Modeling a superstructure for the 165-foot motoryacht

You are expected to have completed at least the level I training tutoorials, but step-by-stpe instructions are provided for the first three tutorials.  By the time you have completed those, you will be able to follow directions without the cook-book style tutorials.



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Cliff W Estes, BaseLine Technology

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