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OptiCAD® is an unconstrained, non-sequential ray tracing program for modeling illumination and imaging systems. Imports and exports 3DM (OpenNurbs 5.0), IGES and STEP CAD formats with object and surface properties (scattering, reflection, refraction, absorption, scattering, polarization). One integrated version (no costly add-ons), both source and observer (reverse) ray tracing, partial polarization, gradient index, birefringent and optically active materials, repetitive tiled surface treatments, Sobol and Monte Carlo ray generation, irradiance, intensity, radiance, polynet radiometry displays, over 10,000 catalog lenses from 22 manufacturers. Includes EquationCADtm a complementary program that translates a surface equation or surface data into a CAD surface. OptiCAD® reduces your product-to-market time by simulating optical systems prior to prototyping and manufacturing. For a complete list of features go to http://www.opticad.com/features.html

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Ed Sklar, Opticad Corporation
505 995 1999

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