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- Enables accurate and convenient CAD data transfer from PARASOLID 3D to RHINOCEROS.
- Does NOT require a license of PARASOLID 3D.
- Converts Part and Assembly files : (*.X_T, *.X_B, *.XMT_TXT ,*.XMT_BIN).
- Transfer ALL 3D Data.

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+33 478 396 369

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no reaction to requests 3/6/2007
For collaboration with Solid Edge, import of 3d data through parasolid should work well. I tried getting the plug-in from Cadin but after downloading software I got the message like 'we will contact you within a few days for a user key'. Not very customer friendly to start with and not very friendly at all since I am waiting for this key for a few weeks now. Is there any other company providing this tool? - an unhappy user -
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no luck 9/9/2009 작성자: 'jim' - jim
i agree, not a very user friendly website...
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parasolid import for Rhino 12/2/2010 작성자: 'Agon' - Agon
I dont realy like DATAKIT politics of sale. Firstly very complicated and than you have to pay the licence every year for. Otherwise, I gave 2 Stars because their products (once you get them to work) work well. What I do not realy understand is: Rhino can open SLDASM and SLDPART files. Rhino can Save Parasolid x_t files...WHY in god´s name has rhino no possibility to import X_T files without thrid parity (complicated) plugins?