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Prodim Proliner

Prodim International is the maker of the acclaimed Proliner 3d/2d measuring device.  The mechanical wire measuring mechanism that is attached to a pen, allows the user to capture both 2d and 3d polylines in a matter of seconds.  The onboard touch screen allows the user to instantly view and edit the drawing file.  You are then able to transfer the DXF/CCD via a USB flash drive directly into your cad/cam system.

Originally designed for the rapid measurements of hulls in the marine industry the Proliner has found its way into a multitude of applications. Prodim is dedicated to meeting the needs of several companies around the world and has different models including 3d lasers and industry specific software to help facilitate production.


Proliner Digital Measurement Solutions 



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Jake Hasseler, Prodim USA

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Proliner 2/7/2012 작성자: 'Mike McElroy' - Mike McElroy
We have had two proliner 8s for five years they do measure effectively, the problem has always been that with both of the units they fail at least three times per year. Each time they need to be sent back to Prodim for some sort of repair at the cost of $500 to $700 each time. All the repairs seem to be related to the hard drive operating system, Prodim technician seem to look at this a way to generate revenue and offer very little explanation except it is normal and that just the way it is. Be very aware they are the only ones that can repair it, so you are at their mercy.
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Proliner 6/29/2009 작성자: 'Jaz Toor' - Jaz Toor
The Proliner has taken our business to the next level. It has literaly revolutionzed our business. The beauty of this product is it allows you to measure just about anything, quickly and very accurately. I did not have any cad experience prior to buying the proliner. Within two days I was measuring parts for production very accurately. It also works well with our cam software. This truly is a remarkable product for any business looking for a digital measuring solution.