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3D Printing and CNC milling

AN-Cadsolutions offers 3Dprinting and  2D/3D CNC milling / engraving of wood.

Our 3D-printers:



Selective Heat Sintering (SHS™) technology 

Build chamber (mm): 160 x 200 x 140 (W x L x H)

Layer thickness: 0.1 mm

File formats: STL

Min. wall thickness in 3D-model: 1mm.


Felix 3D-printer (x,y,z): 255x205x235mm


ZMorph 3D-printer (x,y,z): 250x235x165mm


Roland ARM-10 Resin 3D-printer


Our engraving machine

Roland EGX-350 (305x230x40 mm)


Our Roland desktop CNC milling machine.

-Roland MDX-40A (table size 305x305mm)

-Roland MDX-540A with automatic tool changer and rotary axis (table size 400x400mm) 

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Antti Sulkanen, AN-Cadsolutions

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