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3D Web Export

The 3DCT Web Export Rhino plug-in lets you export your models in a compressed file format that may be viewed on a web page. Our free ActiveX control/Netscape plug-in viewer can easily be used by anyone to examine your models without Rhino. Our advanced compression technology will produce a file that is about 95% smaller than the original file, resulting in a fast download and viewing. Texture maps, material properties and vertex normals are all preserved. Give this plug-in a try and take advantage of the 30 day free evaluation period!
3DCT has released a plug for Rhino 4.0. Check out http://www.3dcompress.com/web/prod_rhino_plugin.asp. There is an upgrade plan for Rhino 3.0 3DCT plugin users also. 3DCT Rhino 3.0 plugin is also available at a reduced price.

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Jim McIntosh, 3D Compression Technologies
480 - 600 - 8251

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3D Web Export is great 7/10/2003
Very easy to use. Great work
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Uncomfortable 3D virtual track-ball 7/3/2003
The 3D virtual trackball they implemented doesn't work as in rhino, this renders the plugin uncomfortable to use.
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Easy Plugin 5/24/2003
It is the easier plugin to publish 3d files on the web that I have already seen. And it´s functional. Two things to improve: Flamingo Decals and special prices for students.